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Plus Size Fancy Dress Costumes

Plus Size Costumes Welcome to our Plus Size Fancy Dress section, here you will find all our fantastic Plus Size Fancy Dress Costumes for Men & Women, ranging in price from our standard up to our deluxe and theatrical ranges. They also cover a wide variety of themes from the decades to Film & TV as well as Halloween! So guys if you're looking to be Batman or an American Football Player, then look no further! Likewise Ladies if you're looking for something to show of your curves and grab the mens attention, then we have something here that can't fail! Whatever you're looking for we're confident you will find it here, but if you don't or can't make up your mind why not give us a ring and we'll help in any way we can. 

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Bavarian Man Costume
With a silly hat and a mug full of beer, this traditional Bavarian Lederhosen is perfect for an Oktoberfest party or just good old knee's up. Bavarian Lederhosen...

Our Price: £19.99
Bavarian Woman Costume
Ladies, if you're looking for a longer style Oktoberfest costume then this is the one for you! Check out this great Ladies Bavarian Woman costume and get ready to have an awesome time! ...

Our Price: £24.99

Zombie Pirate Costume
This Zombie Pirate Costume is great fun and value for money! Comes in a wide range of sizes and looks great! Perfect for Halloween parties and if you're looking for some couples Halloween costumes? Then checkout our Zombie Pirate Couple where you c...

Our Price: £13.99
Lady Reaper Costume
This Lady Reaper Costume is perfect for Halloween or Day of the Dead parties! Seductive looking Lady Reaper costume, ideal for Halloween on it's own or when teamed up with our Grim Reaper costume as a couple! This costume also comes in a wide range...

Our Price: £19.99

Zombie Little Miss Hood Costume
This adult Zombie Little Miss Hood Costume is a perfect Halloween Costume with a Fairytale twist! This Zombie Little Miss Hood costume will make the big bad wolf run! Ideal for Halloween on it's own or when teamed up with our Big Mad Wolf costume a...

Our Price: £14.99
Zombie Pirate Lady Costume
This adult Zombie Pirate Lady Costume is a perfect Halloween Costume with a Pirate theme! This great value Zombie Pirate Lady costume will frighten even Capt Jack Sparrow! Ideal for Halloween on it's own or when teamed up with our Zombie Pirate cos...

Our Price: £13.99

Deluxe Scottish Man Costume
Are your going to surprise your friends with your highland fling in this fantastic Deluxe Scottish Man costume? This is from our Top range made of heavy fabric and is a great costume for Burns Night, Scottish or World themed parties as well as br...

Our Price: £34.99
Men's 60's Groovy Hippie Costume
This Men's 60's Groovy Hippie costume is perfect for any hippie or 60's themed parties! This is a brilliant fun 60's costume that will ensure you stand out! If you are going as a couple why not team it up with our 60's Groovy Chick ? Checkout our c...

Our Price: £23.99