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Mens Accessories

Accessories No costume will ever be complete without the essential accessories. Wether you need a Neon Ruffle Shirt, Gold Dubloons to spend or a trusty Telescope to spot the Sexy Pirate Princess then we are sure we have what your looking for. If we don't then contact us and we will help you in any way we can.

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Afro Wig-Neon Green
Bright Neon Green unisex Afro wig. Stand out in the crowd and ensure your friends can spot you on the way back from the bar! Green Afro WigThis wig can be supplied in other colours, contact us for availability. ...

Our Price: £6.99
Ball And Chain
Realistic Ball and Chain measuring 54cm in length. Perfect accessory for any convict outfit or for any stag party. Ball and Chain Complete your Jailbird or Convict Costume wi...

Our Price: £6.50

Beetlejuice Makeup
Beetlejuice Makeup! Use this complete Beetlejuice Makeup Kit to white up your face and black out some teeth to finish off your Beetlejuice Costume. Great value! Buy Our Beetlejuice today! Buy Our Beetlejuice online today and ha...

Our Price: £8.99
Beetlejuice Mask
Beetlejuice Mask! Use this 3/4 Overhead Mask with Attached Hair to finish off your Beetlejuice Costume. Great value! Buy Our Beetlejuice Mask today! Buy Our Mask online today and have it tomorrow or for only £2.99 have it in 3 Days! ...

Our Price: £17.99

Belt with Pirate Buckle
Pirate Belt! This great looking Pirate belt is just what you need to complete your outfit. It comes decorated with skull and xbones as well as a large belt buckle depicting the same design. A must have for any fashionable pirate. ...

Our Price: £4.49
Black Lycra Gloves
No 20s - 30s dress is complete without a pair of these stylish black lycra cotton gloves. Black Lycra Gloves! These gloves are 37cm in length and are suita...

Our Price: £3.99

Blonde Hippie Dude Wig
Feel the Love with this Blonde Hippie Dude Wig, perfect for completing any hippie outfit. Hippie Dude Wig Complete your Hippie Costume with our Classic Hippie Dude Wig! Buy Today, D...

Our Price: £9.95
Bloody Needle Pen
Perfect for completing any medical costume, this Bloody Needle Pen is great for adding a realistic look. Needle pen Handy for writing prescriptions or other vital information like your phone number. Buy Today, Delivered ...

Our Price: £1.55