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Accessories Welcome to our Accessories section, where you will find all our fantastic accessories, just perfect for finishing off that outfit. If you know what you're looking for, for example a great wig to go with your Pirate or 60's costume, then just select "Beards, Wigs & Hats" from the menu on the left of the page. If you're not sure then you can just browse through all our accessories by turning the page at the bottom. Don't forget it's that small detail like a pair of glasses or a prop like a fake pistol that really sets off your costume. We can only display a small percentage of the products we can supply, so if you don't see what you're looking for or just need some advice, please contact us and we'll do what we can to help.

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Zombie Latex Kit
Complete the perfect Zombie Costume wi...

Our Price: £5.99
Zombie Plaster Wound Transfers
These Zombie Plaster Wound Makeup Transfers are perfect for Halloween as well as Film & TV just think ZOMBIE films! Brilliant FX Zombie Plaster Wound Makeup Transfers, ideal for adding that extra gory touch to your Halloween costume! ...

Our Price: £2.49

FX Blood Gel
Professional Style Blood Gel!Use this FX Blood Gel to create some unique injuries for your costume this Halloween!! Professional style Blood Gel for that realistic gory look! Realistic Blood Gel!Buy our Blood Gel today and have it delivered tomo...

Our Price: £2.75
FX Blood In Tube
Blood in Tube!Use this FX Blood in a Tube to create some unique injuries for your costume this Halloween!! Brilliant fake vampire blood! Vampire Blood!Buy our Blood In Tube today and have it delivered tomorrow, or pay £2.49 and to have ...

Our Price: £1.99

Deluxe Gothic Vamp Choker
Deluxe Gothic Vamp Choker! This Deluxe Gothic Vamp Choker is perfect for adding that finishing touch to any ladies Vampire Costume! Perfect for drawing the mens attentio...

Our Price: £6.99
Day of the Dead Tattoo Set
Complete the perfect Day of the Dead Costume with this Day of the Dead Face Tattoo Transfer Set! This quick and easy to use transfer and makeup kit enab...

Our Price: £6.50

Blood Stained Thigh High Stockings
No blood stained dress of skirt is complete without blooded Tights or Stockings! Blood Stained Stockings Goes perfectly with our Horror Dolita and Bloody Cook c...

Our Price: £3.99
Bloody Nurse Kit
Make any Nurse Costume Bloody and Gruesome with our Bloody Nurse kit! Bloody Nurse Kit! Perfect for any Nurse Costume this Hal...

Our Price: £2.69