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Luxury Fancy Dress

Luxury Welcome to our Luxury section where you will find all our amazing Licensed Costumes and Accessories from all your favourite films, like Disney. Whether you're looking for a hero costume such as Batman, Superman or Hal Jordon in the Green Lantern we have it. For the women we have Wonder Woman, Supergirl and a female Green Lantern, or how about Princess Leia from Star Wars? Maybe you prefer pop stars such as Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, these are sure to be a big hit with your fans! Why not have a look through our fantastic selection and see who you want to be, remember if you don't see exactly what you are looking for or aren't sure, just contact by phone or email and we'll do our very best to help.

Should you be interested in a Collectors quality costume give us a call, we can supply these at great prices!

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Immortal Couple Costumes
These deluxe costumes of an Immortal Emperor and his Geisha, are perfect for going to a party as a couple. Both costumes are from our theatrical range and are gorgeous costumes, so turn yourself into that Immortal Emperor and his beautiful Geisha!...

Our Price: £114.99
Immortal Emperor Costume
Ever dreamt of being Immortal? Then this Deluxe Chinese Immortal Emperor costume is the one for you. Whether you're looking for the seriously powerful Emperor look or a more humorous panto feel, this outfit is perfect, just add the right attitude! ...

Our Price: £62.99

Geisha Costume
Become an enchanting seductress in our Geisha costume, you'll definitely catch the eye of any Emperor after a bride. This is a theatrical quality costume, made with high quality Brocade fabric and comes complete with the richly patterned Kimono and...

Our Price: £64.99
Ramesse costume
Looking for a Pharaoh costume? Then why not go for Ramesse, possibly the greatest of all the Pharaohs, who ruled for over 60 years! Ramesse The Ruler! This Ramesse costume from our Theatrical range is ...

Our Price: £49.99

Deluxe Nefertiti Costume
Known as the beauty of Aten, Nefertiti was one of Egypts' most beautiful women and wife of an Egyptian Pharaoh, why wouldn't you want to be her? This is a theatrical quality costume, made of a gorgeous gold satin raso material and comprises of the ...

Our Price: £39.99
Egyptian Pharaoh and his Queen
These great costumes of Pharaoh Ramesse and Queen Nefertiti, are perfect for going to a party as a couple. Turn yourselves into the most handsome and beautiful rulers Egypt has seen in these deluxe costumes. Pharaoh an...

Our Price: £81.98

Queen Of Egypt Costume
Ever dreamt of being the Queen of Egypt? Well now you can be, or at least look like one in our theatrical quality Queen of Egypt costume. Queen of Egypt Answers to No-One! This long orange dress comes with the cape and wristba...

Our Price: £49.99
Dark Cleopatra Costume
Cleopatra, just mention the name and you immediately think of a powerful, cunning and extremely beautiful woman, who almost brought Rome to its knees! Be transformed into this iconic woman with this fantastic costume, show you too can be very sexy ...

Our Price: £29.99